Pharmaceutical Technology Course, Eligibility Criteria, Syllabus

Pharmaceutical Technologists deal with the transformation of raw ingredients into usable products by means of chemical, bio-chemical and physical processes.B.Tech in Pharmaceutical Technology degree concentrates upon the field of medicines, such as their preparation, dosages, effects etc.. Students are also trained to conceptualize, design, build up, maintain and operate various industrial processes and machineries involved in the process. The program also involves formulation of a pure drug substance into a dosage form. The other branches of Pharmaceutical Technology include Pharmaceutical formulation, Pharmaceutical manufacturing, dispensing pharmacy, physical pharmacy and pharmaceutical jurisprudence.

B.Tech in Pharmaceutical Technology is a relatively new field under engineering. It is currently being offered by a select few institutions in the country

Top Colleges:

1- IIT Varanasi

2- Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Hyderabad

3- Anna University

4- Anna University BIT, Tamil Nadu

5- Mangalyatan University, Aligarh



Course Undergraduate
Duration 4 Years
Examination type Semester
Admission Process The selection process for the Bachelor of Technology programme in Pharmaceutical Technology is done through the entrance examination. 
Course fee Rs. 140000/-


Course and Eligibility:

Course  Duration Eligibility Entrance
B.Tech 4 years +2 Pass from  a recognized board with minimum 50% mark in the Science stream. Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics are compulsory subjects for this course. JEE Main,JEE Advanced TNEA (Tamil Nadu Engineering Admission)


Top Recruiters:

1- Glaxo SmithKline Pharmaceuticals Limited

2- Ranbxy Labs

3- Nestle India Ltd

4- Paulson’s Drugs Pvt. Ltd.

5- Mendine Pharmaceuticals

6- Johnson & Johnson Group

7- Burnet Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd.

Admission process:

The selection process for the Bachelor of Technology programme in Pharmaceutical Technology is done through the entrance examination.

Given that it is an extremely rare course in the country, there is no provision for lateral entry with this course. All candidates are offered admission based on their performance in the selection process, and there is no other method of gaining admission, i.e. no direct admission offers are given.


Semester 1

Technical English - I

Mathematics - I

Engineering Physics

Engineering Chemistry

Engineering Graphics

Computing Techniques

Physics Laboratory

Chemistry Laboratory

Computer Practices Laboratory

 Engineering Practices Laboratory

Semester 2
Technical English - II
Mathematics - II
Physics of Materials
Engineering Mechanics
Fundamentals of Human Anatomy and Physiology
Food and Pharmaceutical Biochemistry (Theory + Lab)
Experimental Physiology Laboratory

Semester 3
Probability and Statistics
Microbiology (Theory + Laboratory)
Pharmaceutical Chemistry - I
Pharmaceutical Chemistry - II
Pharmacology – I (Theory +Laboratory)
Fundamentals of Chemical Engineering

Semester 4

Environmental Science and Engineering

Analytical Methods and Instrumentation (Theory + Lab)

Medicinal Chemistry - I

Physical Pharmaceutics (Theory + Lab)

Pharmacology - II

Unit Operations in Pharmaceutical Industry


Semster 5
Biochemical Engineering
Medicinal Chemistry – II (Theory +Advanced Lab)
Regulatory issues in Pharmaceutical Industry and Drug Validation
Cell and Molecular Biology
Electives (I & II)
Bioprocess Lab
Semester 6
Total Quality Management
Pharmaceutical Dosage Forms (Theory + Lab)
Creativity, Innovation and New Product Development
Genetic Engineering and Pharmacogenomics (Theory + Lab)
Electives (III & IV)
Employability Skills (Practical)
Semester 7
Pharmacognosy (Theory + Lab)
Advanced Drug Delivery Systems (Theory + Lab)
Elective (V, VI & VII)
Semester 8:
Project and research and Technology

Skills required:




Critical Thinking



Active Learning








Analytical approach

Social Perceptiveness



Quality Control

Information Technology



Career and Job Prospect:

Job profile Job Description Annual salary
Research Associate Conducting research in order to help the growth of the industry 2.5 - 3.5 lakh
Drug Analyst/Drug Inspector Analysing and conducting inspection of existing medicines, usually under the government. 5-6 lakh


Working and dealing with different medicines, dosages etc.

2-3 lakh
Pharmacoligist Testing new medicines and their effects, repercussions etc. 2-3 lakh



Q: How is B.Tech. Pharmaceutical Technology Course Beneficial?

A: The course is beneficial for understand the process involved in production and purification of medicinal compounds in the laboratory/ bulk drug manufacturing industry, characterization of these compounds and stepwise handling of drug materials in formulation industry.

It is also beneficial for further studies such as M.E./ M.Tech., M.Phill, Ph.D. as it gives good base for it.

They can also have teaching option in colleges/ universities both on private and permanent basis. 

Q; Which are the B.Tech. Pharmaceutical Technology Employment Area?

A: There are so many ares to choose from.some are given below:

1- University

2- Colleges

3- Government Departments

4- Research Institutes

Q: What are the B.Tech. Pharmaceutical Technology job types?
A: Degree holder of Pharmaceutical technology can work in different position. some are mentioned below: 
1- Medical Practitioners
2- Drug Inspectors
3- Drug Analysts
4- Pharmacists
5- Pharmacology Experts
Q: what is difference between pharmaceutical technology and pharmacy?
A: Pharmaceutical technology is a part of pharmacy that deals with technologies used in the development and other issues of formulations. Pharmaceutical Technology is more akin to manufacture, research and development (R&D) of a medication, gone through clinical trials and finally approved by an independent authority (e.g. FDA). All these scenario take place in a Pharma company.Whereas, Pharmacy is the outlet of the Pharma products which have been tested both in-vitro (in a lab) and in-vivo (on the living organisms) and finally approved by an independent authority as mentioned above.
Q; Difference between B.Tech Pharmaceutical Technology and B.Pharm?
A: Difference between these two are given below.
1- Both are bachlor degree but B.Tech is professional course and have more value as compare to other.
2-B.Tech pharmaceutical technology is 4 years course in which you will get more knowledge as compare to other course and you have to build many major project,industrial training and many more.
3-course fees of B.Tech pharmaceutical technology is more as compare to B.Pharma
Q:  What is the difference between Pharmacists and Pharmacy Techs
A: The key difference between these roles is that the pharmacist is legally permitted to counsel patients regarding the use of certain medications. They may also offer advice to doctors regarding the type of medication and dosage to prescribe.Whereas Pharmacy technicians can only prepare and administer drugs under the supervision of a pharmacist.
Q; What is the duration of Course?
A: Undergraduate course is designed for 4 years.
Q; Which are the top recruiters of this degree? 
A: Many big industries recruit this degree holder.some are mentioned below:

1- Glaxo SmithKline Pharmaceuticals Limited

2- Ranbxy Labs

3- Nestle India Ltd

4- Paulson’s Drugs Pvt. Ltd.

5- Mendine Pharmaceuticals

6- Johnson & Johnson Group

7- Burnet Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd.


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