Pharmaceutical Technology Course, Eligibility Criteria, Syllabus


Semester 1

Technical English - I

Mathematics - I

Engineering Physics

Engineering Chemistry

Engineering Graphics

Computing Techniques

Physics Laboratory

Chemistry Laboratory

Computer Practices Laboratory

 Engineering Practices Laboratory

Semester 2
Technical English - II
Mathematics - II
Physics of Materials
Engineering Mechanics
Fundamentals of Human Anatomy and Physiology
Food and Pharmaceutical Biochemistry (Theory + Lab)
Experimental Physiology Laboratory

Semester 3
Probability and Statistics
Microbiology (Theory + Laboratory)
Pharmaceutical Chemistry - I
Pharmaceutical Chemistry - II
Pharmacology – I (Theory +Laboratory)
Fundamentals of Chemical Engineering

Semester 4

Environmental Science and Engineering

Analytical Methods and Instrumentation (Theory + Lab)

Medicinal Chemistry - I

Physical Pharmaceutics (Theory + Lab)

Pharmacology - II

Unit Operations in Pharmaceutical Industry


Semster 5
Biochemical Engineering
Medicinal Chemistry – II (Theory +Advanced Lab)
Regulatory issues in Pharmaceutical Industry and Drug Validation
Cell and Molecular Biology
Electives (I & II)
Bioprocess Lab
Semester 6
Total Quality Management
Pharmaceutical Dosage Forms (Theory + Lab)
Creativity, Innovation and New Product Development
Genetic Engineering and Pharmacogenomics (Theory + Lab)
Electives (III & IV)
Employability Skills (Practical)
Semester 7
Pharmacognosy (Theory + Lab)
Advanced Drug Delivery Systems (Theory + Lab)
Elective (V, VI & VII)
Semester 8:
Project and research and Technology

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