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In the Health Care Sector, there is a vast growing demand for Pharmacists. They analyze data for publication, design studies, and oversee clinical development strategies. After the completion of this course, they are posted as Consultant Pharmacist, Dispensary Manager, Clinical Research Analyst, Clinical Biochemist and clinical Recruiter with a handsome salary package. The details regarding their job profiles, job description and annual average salary are mention below for a clear understanding.

Job Profile

Job Description

Average Salary Per Annum

Consultant Pharmacist The Consultant Pharmacist provides a dynamic link between clinical practice and service development by creating new models for delivering patient care ensuring the best experience and outcomes for patients from their medicines whenever and wherever their care is delivered. 2 - 3 lakhs
Dispensary Manager The Dispensary Manager's work roles include scheduling, training, providing policy and procedure updates, keeping updated with industry news and product information. 6 - 7 lakhs
Clinical Research Analyst The job entails working with physicians or scientists who oversee clinical research. Research analysts may also interact directly with patients by screening them as potential candidates or collecting data needed for the study. 3 - 4 lakhs
Clinical Biochemist Clinical biochemists are responsible for testing patient samples and interpreting the results for medical staff. They work as part of a hospital medical team that is responsible for investigating and diagnosing patient illnesses, designing experiments to test theories about how chemicals function in the body. 2 - 3 lakhs
Clinical Recruiter A clinical recruiter identifies qualified candidates for health care positions. As a clinical recruiter, your job duties include determining the kind of employee the company needs, searching applicant pools to find job seekers who fit those needs and coordinating with the human resources department to move good candidates through the hiring process 5 - 6 lakhs

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