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Q:  What is the difference between a hospital pharmacist and a clinical pharmacist?
  Clinical pharmacist includes hospital pharmacist and community pharmacist. They are the people who work in the healthcare field and have the main role in drug prescription. Hospital pharmacist is referred to those who work in a hospital.

Q:  Where do clinical pharmacists work?
  While regular pharmacists normally work in a pharmacy, a clinical pharmacist works directly with medical professionals and patients, usually in a medical center, hospital, or health care unit. The job of the clinical pharmacist is to determine the best medications for a given symptom for a patient at a given time.

Q: What are the job roles of a Clinical Pharmacist?

A: After completing M. Pharma in Clinical Pharmacy, the students are placed as Consultants Pharmacists, Dispensary Manager, Pharmacy Assistant, Community Pharmacist, Clinical Biochemist, Clinical Pharmacist, Clinical Research Analyst, etc.

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