Housekeeping: Admission, Duration, Eligibility, Career Prospects.


Job prospectusJob DescriptionSalary per annum
LaundrymanLaundryman in responsible for operating washing or dry cleaning machines to wash household things such as cloth garments, leather, fur, suede, blankets, rugs, linens, carpets, and draperies
Linen keeper
Linen keepers are responsible for performing any combination of light cleaning duties, commercial establishments, and maintain private households. Some other duties are making beds, cleaning rooms and halls, replenishing linens, and vacuuming. They are also responsible for maintaining linen rooms, and keep the linen rooms clean at all times
Tailors are responsible for developing and designing for garments, copying an existing design garments, and adapting existing designs for garments. They also alter garment and join some parts, using the sewing machines or needle and thread to form a finished format. They can work in Garments, showrooms, and some of them work at homes
Executive Housekeeper
Executive housekeepers are responsible for overseeing and directing the cleaning activities for a hotel or a business. They will prepare and plan in advance and they handle customer complaints and services as well. They ensure that other workers have the proper tools to perform the house handling services

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