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Q: What dos food production refers to?
A: Food production can be defined as the process of preparing food using raw materials which are converted to prepared food items or ready-made items.

Q: What are the entrance exams for the course food production?
A: The entrance exams for the course food production are DCECE, DET, DCET, NTTFEE, VtoDECE, etc.

Q: What are the skills required to build a career in food production?
A: The skills required for food production are Decision-making skills, Physical stamina, Organisational skills, Multi-tasking skills, Creativity, Leadership skills, etc.

Q: What is the job role of a Food Technologist?
A: A food technologist is responsible for the safe and efficient development, modification and manufacture of food products and processes. Food technologists plan recipes and manage their production on a large scale.

Q: What is the average starting salary in this field?
A: The average starting salary in this field is between 2 to 6 lakhs.

Q:  What are the recruiting companies in the field of food production?
A: The recruiting companies in this field are-

  • The Oberoi Shimla
  • Taj Bengal
  • Raj Vilas
  • The Grand Intercontinental
  • Wild Flower Hall
  • The Taj Group of Hotels
  • Radisson Windsor Hotel
  • The Grand Inter Continental
  • Devigarh Resort
  • Macdonald’s Ge Capital
  • Majestic Park Plaza Pizza Hut



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