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Career and Job Prospects

Job Profile Job Description Average Income in INR
Clinical pathologist Responsible to examine body liquid, blood, bone marrow and urine. 9.5 lakhs
Lab Executive Responsible for maintaining medical laboratory equipment and tools, performance through establishing a quality standard; troubleshooting procedures, quality, developing an operation, certifying instrument performance, ensuring staff compliance arranging equipment and tools replacements, repair and service. 4.5 lakhs
Medical Transcriptionist Responsible for listening to the recorded matters of a physician or any other healthcare experts. Interprets and transcribes the oral work into diagnostic test result, referral letters, operative reports and other documents. 2.5 lakhs
Medical Examiner Responsible for specialized training in forensic pathology. Also inspect organs and autopsies organs, tissue, and bodily liquids to examine the reason for death. 2.5 lakhs

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