Horticulture : Admission Process, Skills Required and Career

Career and Job Prospects:

Horticulture study can be proved as one of the most liking and high rating studies in providing respectable career as well as gainful business. Development in horticulture technology, increasing products demands, and a growing export industry are making this an extremely lucrative career. Jobs are created in fields such as research and journalism in sectors both public and private.

Horticulturist They focus on how to improve the plant growth, quality, nutritional value, yield and resistance to insects, diseases and environmental stresses. They also research on plants to produce new generation. Their limit of work starts from gardeners to designers. They work as a growers, therapists, designers and technical advisors. INR 2,30,000
Plantation manager They deal with the operations of a manufacturing facility and develop the way to increase production at a very low cost. Some of them start their career as production workers and after gaining experience they secure the plant manager status. INR 7,50,000
Horticulture specialist The work of a horticulture specialist is to prepare seed beds, transfer plants to containers, and move containers plants around the worksite, unload shipments of packaged soil and other gardening products. INR 5,80,000
Technical Assistance They have work in every field including education, science, health care, engineering, computer science, arts and more. Their work is to manage data, develop correspondences, maintain reports or spread sheets, and file paper work. INR 2,20,000

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