Drug Regulatory Affairs Course Eligibility, Admission, Career


Job Profiles Description Salary
Drug Safety Specialist Drug Safety Specialists are vital to the pharmaco-vigilance department in operating its daily activities. Essentially, Drug Safety Associates oversee drug-related events to be identified and reported. They are responsible for ensuring that most safety reports received from the investigational sites or from post-marketing sectors are identified and reported in accordance with ICH-GCP standards as also with the standard operational procedures. 6 lacs
Regulatory Affairs Associate The job title ‘Regulatory Affairs Associate’ is used most frequently for entry-level, mid-level, and senior professionals working within the health care products industry. They are responsible for monitoring federal, state, and local government regulations, legislation, and laws that affect their employers' products. They typically assist other employees in steering new products through government-authorized approval processes and watch their organization’s internal procedures to ensure that they conform to government directives. 4 lacs
Drug Inspector Drug Inspectors, also known as Quality Control Inspectors, work to ensure that products are safe for human consumption. Their main responsibility is to examine food or pharmaceuticals at various stages of the manufacturing process in order to ensure that the requisite quality standards are being met 7 lacs
Medical Information Associate Health Information Technicians, these professionals organize and maintain health data in electronic and paper systems within various healthcare settings. They are responsible for reviewing patient records, organizing databases, tracking patient outcomes and protecting patients' health information 3.5 lacs

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