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The syllabus and courses for the agricultural field of study are based on the topics and the subjects for the course study and the relevant specialization. Few of them are :
  • Agronomy - This course of an agricultural field, deals with the field-crop production and soil management.
  • Horticulture - The horticulture is the study of plant physiology and propagation. The horticulturalists apply their relevant knowledge of botany discipline, plant, and soil science to the areas like landscape design or crop management. They work directly with the plants, also work over the aspects of the selection, breeding, planting, care, and pollution
  • Genetics and Plant Breeding - This branch deals with the application of Molecular Biology to insert the desirable traits into the plants. The application of Molecular Biology helps to insert the desirable traits into the relevant plants. The best quality plants in the given field are used for the growth of further generations, which includes the scientific mechanism.
  • Plant Pathology - The plant pathology is aimed at offering to the eligible candidates as the advanced learning in the plant diseases and to their relevant management.
  • Agricultural Economics - The course mainly focuses on the requisite technical skills which are relevant to the field of Agricultural Economics, while maintaining the focus on the applications rather than abstract analysis. This science program focuses on the economics methods and the tools employed in solving the agriculture-related issues.
  • Seed Science and Technology - The course study mainly focuses on the study and structure and the development of the seeds. The study is based from the moment of fertilization of the egg cell to the emergence of the new plant from the seed, this provides a scientific and a technological touch to the study of the seed-related aspects, focused to the plant and the crop growth.
  • Certificate Course in Food Production - The candidates deal with the use of Agriculture Science and Technology in Food Production. 
  • Agriculture Entomology - The entomology deals with the study of insects with the relationship to humans and its effect on the environment. This program offers an integrity study for the applied ecology in gaining the knowledge over the dynamics involved in plant protection and the population of the insects. 
  • Agricultural Statistics - The course has the major specializations as Agronomy, Plant Breeding and Genetics, Soil Science and Agricultural Chemistry, Agricultural Entomology, Plant Biotechnology, Plant Pathology, Agricultural Extension, Agricultural Economics, and agricultural meteorology.  The course study provides to design and analysis of the experiments, the statistical modeling, the methodology, statistical genetics and statistical ecology of the agricultural field.
  • Certificate Course In Food And Beverage Service - A food and beverage management certificate program can prepare students to manage the production, the costs, sanitation, and nutrition requirements associated with the operation of the restaurant or the catering service
  • Animal Husbandry - This course study focuses on imparting on-the-job training in animal care and breeding. This curriculum course fosters the practical skills of the students, basing over the relevant work fields like Animal Nutrition, Genetics, and Animal Breeding, Population Genetics Applied to Animal Breeding and Animal Physiology.
  • Dairy Technology - The course field, offers intensive training in the milk processing, milk products quality control and the engineering aspects of the dairy processing equipment. It refers to the analysis by the students or the production units like the dairy plants and the ice cream units.

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