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Syllabus Course:

The Syllabus for Agricultural biotechnology studied in various colleges and universities are divided into 8 semesters which are listed below.

SL.NO Basic Bio-chemistry
1 Fundamentals of Genetics
2 Principle of Plant Physiology
3 Field Crop production
4 Introductory Entomology
5 Communication skill
6 Physical Education
7 Mathematics
SEMESTER-II Enzymology
1 Microbial Genetics
2 Cell Biology
3 Introduction to Plant Biotechnology
4 Human Nutrition
5 Fundamentals of Plant Pathology
6 Agricultural Micro-Biology
7 Horticultural Crop Production
1 Molecular Biology
2 Plant Metabolic Pathways
3 Elements of Immunology
4 Plant Breeding Techniques
5 Molecular Markers in Plant Breeding
6 Industrial Microbiology and Fermentation Technology
7 Basics in Animal Biotechnology
8 Greenhouse Technology and Protected Cultivation
1 Techniques in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
2 Plants Cell and Tissue Culture
3 Enzyme Biotechnology in Food Processing
4 Post-harvest Biotechnology of Food Grains
5 Animal Cell Culture
6 Biotechnology of Ruminant Feed Utilization
7 Bio-Statistics
8 Intellectual Property Right
1 Recombinant DNA Technology
2 Biotechnology of Biotic and Abiotic Stress Tolerance
3 Biodiversity Conservation
4 Technological Applications in Food Processing
5 Dairy Process Biotechnology
6 Livestock Genom
7 Computer application in Biotechnology
1 Molecular Plant Virology
2 Introduction to Bioinformatics
3 Biosafety Issues
4 Plant Harvest Biotechnology of Horticultural Crops
5 Food and Nutrition Security of GM Food crops
6 Animal Genetic Engineering
7 Management of Major Insect Pests and Diseases of Field and Horticultural Crops
8 Marketing and Export of Biotechnological Products
1 Seminar
2 Cafeteria Courses of major departments
3 Cafeteria Courses of minor departments-I
4 Cafeteria Courses of major departments-II
1 Hands-on Training


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