Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Eligibility, Top Colleges, Syllabus, Salary



Job/Career Profiles Job Description Avg.Salary/Year
Dentist Dentists evacuate tooth rot, fill cavities, and repair cracked teeth. Dental practitioners determine and treat issues with patients' teeth, gums, and related parts of the mouth. They give exhortation and direction on dealing with teeth and gum issues and on eating regimes that influence oral wellbeing Rs 6,00,000
Dental Assistants Dental Assistants are involved in patient care, office, and research facility obligations, and frequently work seat-side as dental practitioners analyze and treat patients. They make patients comfortable in the dental seat, and get their dental records. Rs 5,00,000
Dental Surgeon/ Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons Dental Surgeons or Oral and Maxillofacial Specialists work on the mouth, jaws, teeth, gums, neck, and head, and perform treatments such as surgically repairing a congenital fissure and sense of taste, or evacuating affected teeth. Oral Pathologists analyze conditions in the mouth, for example, knocks or ulcers, and oral illnesses, for example, malignancy. Rs 1,45,000 - Rs 10,30,000
Dental Lab Technician A Dental Lab Technician restores or replaces partial or total loss of natural teeth, and corrects dental irregularities by manufacturing fixed or removable dental appliances. Rs 2,00,000 - Rs 6,00,000
Professor Professors instruct students in a wide range of disciplines at the post-secondary level. They deliver scholarly articles, perform research, and instruct in a given area of specialization. Rs 2,00,000 - Rs 4,50,000
Medical Representative A Medical Representative advertises and increases awareness about a company's products, like pharmaceutical drugs, medical equipment, etc Rs 2,00,000 - Rs 4,00,000


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