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Students are more interested in aviation management.Aviation industry also required skilled and talented students. This program offers practical knowledge. Here is the list of various job profiles, job descriptions, Average salaries of each job in Aviation Management. Some of the top career or job profiles are mentioned below:

Job Profile

Job Description

Average Salary Per Annum

Airport Operations Manager The Operations Manager at the airport is responsible for supervising the coordination between the operations in the airport and make sure that all the operations are running smoothly. He oversees security needs and helps in the enforcement of rules and regulations in the airport. 8 - 10 lakhs
Air Operations Centre Coordinator The Operations Control Center (OCC) Supervisor is responsible for the daily supervision of the OCC, and all its team units (Scheduling, Records, TSA) into a cohesive operational team. This position reports to the General Manager of Operation for the safe, compliant and efficient daily performance of the OCC. 5 - 6 lakhs
Aircraft Dispatcher An Aircraft dispatcher (also known as an airline dispatcher, flight follower or flight operations officer) assists in planning flight paths, taking into account aircraft performance and loading, en route winds, thunderstorm and turbulence forecasts, airspace restrictions, and airport conditions. 3 - 5 lakhs
Aircraft Maintenance Manager Deals with the service, repair, and general maintenance of aircraft and aircraft engines to check whether aircraft are completely safe for flight and consistent with FAA regulations. 7 - 8 lakhs
Air Traffic Control Officer The air traffic controller's primary concern is safety, but they also must direct aircraft efficiently to minimize delays. They manage the flow of aircraft into and out of the airport airspace, guide pilots during takeoff and landing, and monitor aircraft, as they travel through the skies. 2 - 4 lakhs

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