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They work in a variety of settings with individual patients, hospitals, businesses, clinics, prisons, communities, schools, the government, the military, and many others. Some psychology professions require an advanced degree, a master's or a doctorate.

8.5 lakhs

Social Psychologist

Social psychologists research social interactions and the factors that influence them. They also work in university or college settings, and in government or private organizations.

6 lakhs

Forensic Psychologist

Forensic Psychologists study criminals to learn their mindset and motives at the time of commitment of an offense. They gauge what threat, if any, the offender may prove to the public in the future. Their presence in courtrooms is often essential. Their evaluations, assessments, and testimonies help inform the decisions of judges and juries.

4 lakhs

Career Counselor 

Career Counsellors use aptitude tests to understand the preferences and interests of students. They advise on the nature of the field which a particular student is best suited for.

4 lakhs

Staff Recruiter

A staffing coordinator's job duties may include creating job descriptions, identifying qualified applicants, finding appropriate job placements, reviewing resumes, scheduling interviews, and retaining valuable employees.

2.5 lakhs

Research Psychologist

Research Psychologists study and explore human and animal behavior. Equipped with excellent analytical and observational skills, they research on matters of the mind and their relationship with behavior.

2 lakhs



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