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Career & Job Prospects

Job Role Job Description Average Salary Per Annum(in Rs)
Physiologists Physiologists examine and monitor human physiological organs and systems such as respiratory, nervous and cardiac systems, to diagnose and treat physiological disorders and long-term illnesses. 3 - 4 lakhs
Clinical Analyst A clinical analyst performs tasks that involve analyzing user procedures, requirements and any problems to improve an existing computer system, and also reviews the system's capabilities and workflows to find other areas that need improvement. 4 - 6 lakhs
Physiology Trainer  A Physiology Trainer teaches students about the muscular, skeletal, nervous and other systems that make up the human body. They teach functions that take place in the human body, such as metabolism, homeostasis and fluid balance. 3 - 5 lakhs
Trainee Medical Coder Trainee Medical Coders are responsible for utilizing specialized medical classification software to assign procedure and diagnosis codes for insurance billing. They also review claims data to ensure that assigned codes meet required legal and insurance rules and that required signatures and authorizations are in place prior to submission.  2 - 4 lakhs
Lab Technician - Physiology Lab Technicians are responsible for providing information for patient diagnosis and treatment by performing laboratory tests in chemistry, toxicology, hematology, microbiology laboratories, and immunology. They maintain quality results by running standards, verifying equipment function, equipment maintenance, and monitoring quality measurements. 2 - 4 lakhs



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