Community Health Nursing: Eligibility, Admission, Syllabus


Jobs Job Description Salary
Community Health Outreach Specialists They serve as community-based member advocates and resources, using knowledge of the community and resources available to engage and assist vulnerable members in managing their healthcare needs. Assistance offered by them may include scheduling appointments with provider, arranging transportation for healthcare visits, getting prescriptions filled, and following-up with members on missed appointments. 3,12,032
Community Health Workers Community Health Workers are often responsible for looking out for the well-being of members of the community who may not be cared for by traditional medical institutions.Community Health Workers may be responsible for ensuring that culturally diverse populations and underserved communities receive proper medical attention. 3,78,705
Health Care Coordinators Health Care Coordinator is a job title that can apply to two primary job fields. One of these is a medical support role filled by professionals called Health Unit Coordinators. The other is a patient care and advocacy role that is commonly referred to as health care coordination 1,066,071
Health Care Navigators They conduct public education about the availability of qualified health plans, facilitate enrollment in qualified plans, and provide information in a culturally and linguistically appropriate manner to the population being served by an exchange. 3,92,705
Health Educators Heath Educators create programs that encourage good health and wellness, and prevent disease. They teach people how to make good health decisions, incorporate healthy activities into their lives and advise against harmful behaviors. 2,70,558
Health Promotion Evaluators They facilitate and support a range of statutory, voluntary, charitable, and commercial organizations in their delivery of health promotion activities, run community training courses and workshops in areas such as mental health, accident prevention, cancers, and heart disease; 2,90,970
Health Services Administrators As the person in charge of a medical facility, a Healthcare Administrator’s duties can be varied and complex. Handling such responsibilities requires a mix of business administration skills and knowledge of medical services, and awareness of the regulations that govern the industry. 4,14,536


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