Science Technology Entrepreneurs Park

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Kanpur 1986


Science & Technology Entrepreneurs' Park (STEP) is a project sponsored by HBTI, Kanpur along with Department of Science & Technology, Govt, of India, New Delhi. It is also financed by various financial institutions like IDBI, IFCI and ICICI along with active funding from the Govt, of Uttar Pradesh, through its Department of Science & Technology and Department of Industries. It was established in the year 1986 at HBTI, Kanpur for motivating Science, Technology and Engineering Graduates for taking up entrepreneurship as a career.STEP-HBTI campus is located in the premises of HBTI, the prominent engineering institute in the world. STEP-HBTI has been engaged in the activities of Technology development, Technology up gradation, Technology incubation, Technology transfer and Technology applications in Industries.Being in the vicinity of HBTI all the resources are used STEP-HBTI. It has also been engaged in motivating the employees of different industries to adopt new measures for improvement in efficiency and productivity management. STEP- HBTI for the last 24 years has been working as an apex organization for transforming technical education into entrepreneurship. It has successfully transformed a number of engineers and technologists into entrepreneurs. 


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