North East Institute of Fashion Technology Guwahati

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Guwahati 2012


At NEIFT Blucloud Academy the courses are designed to give the students better future. We offer courses with an approach designed to equip students with the skills needed for a rewarding career. Our courses here will develop individual skills, knowledge base and creativity for a wide choice of career options. Teaching and learning facilities at the Institute are at par with international standards. Workshop and assignment driven, our focus of learning is always upon giving students the real life knowledge and practical skills required to give them a head start in their chosen profession. Our students are highly valued and we invest a great deal in their training.At NEIFT Blucloud Academy, our courses are tough: we offer a lot and we expect a lot. But if students have the commitment, the ability and the motivation, they can expect great rewards – exhilarating intellectual satisfaction and a capability much sought after by employers in industry and academia.The medium of instructions and of the examination is English.NEIFT Blucloud Academy is a multi disciplinary institution and its courses have been developed from a value based interdisciplinary approach to problem solving.We will provide leadership in the area of Aviation & Hospitality along with Fashion Design education.NEIFT Blucloud Academy will prepare the students to be an integral part of the emerging technologically driven society. The study programme is a combination of theory,skills, projects and field/industry experience.The benefit of learning within such an environment is immeasurable.NEIFT Blucloud Academy seeks to create an enviable reputation of producing modern day professionals who can go on to make directional contribution within the international aviation, hospitality and fashion area. It welcomes talented and self motivated individuals, guiding them to the technical, intellectual and critical demands of the chosen discipline while encouraging independent thought and personal growth.


Course & Fee

  • Design
    • Diploma ( 4 years )
      Fashion Design
      Full Time
      Interior Design
      Full Time
      Apparel Design
      Full Time
      Furniture and Interior Design
      Full Time

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