Kakatiya Institute of Technology and Science

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Warangal 1980


Kakatiya Institute of Technology & Science (KITSW) is an autonomous college in Warangal district of Telangana in India. It was established in 1980.It is one of the top private Engineering Colleges in the state of Telangana.The Government of Andhra Pradesh realized in the late 1970s the popular demand for enhancement of facilities for technical education. It decided to adopt a progressive policy of encouraging philanthropic organizations to establish and manage technical institutions.The elite philanthropists of Warangal City, with the sole aim of imparting quality technical education, established Kakatiya Institute of Technology & Science, Warangal (KITSW) in 1980 under the aegis of the Ekasila Education Society (EES). The former Prime Minister of India, the late P.V. Narasimha Rao Garu, laid the foundation stone for the institute. The members of the EES encompass many sections of society, including educationists, agriculturists, industrialists, doctors, and social workers. They are highly respected personalities of the city and known for their generosity in social activities. The main objective of the EES is to develop KITS Warangal into a major technical institution imparting a quality education to the students of this backward Telangana region.


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