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Annual Salary

Planning Consultant Working within the planning system (typically for the local planning authority) helping in the administration and enforcement of the planning process, determining planning applications and developing local planning policy and local plans. Or Working as consultants for clients. 13 Lakhs
Planning Manager Supervises requirements planning for the department, division, project, or organization. Supervises other planning personnel, such as consultants and developers. Prepares budget and oversees expenditures. Sets goals, policies, and procedures for pr 6-10 Lakhs
Transportation Engineer Transportation engineers focus on the design, construction and maintenance of transport systems. Evaluate plans and proposals drafted by other engineers and make changes if necessary.  3-4 Lakhs
Town Planner Involved in the management and development of cities, towns, villages and the countryside. Your aim will be to balance the conflicting demands of housing, industrial development, agriculture, recreation, transport and the environment, in order to allow appropriate development to take place. 5-6 Lakhs



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