University Law College

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Bangalore 1984


A challenging curriculum and a diverse student population at ULC prepare the students for success in law practice, litigation, business, public service, and teaching. The experience and exposure to various facets of academic and clinical legal training at ULC is unparalleled. Recognizing the necessity of experiential learning, we have developed a state–of– art clinical program offering students an opportunity to be associated with the legal profession through seminars/workshops, internships, mandatory trial-court visits, legal-aid programs, research & projects, model parliament and moot court activities. Legal education at ULC equips the students for the complete spectrum of career opportunities available to lawyers, and provides them with the capability to adapt to the rapid pace of change that characterizes modern legal practice. As a testimony to this fact, among ULCs graduates are many Supreme Court and High Court Justices, renowned public servants, bureaucrats, lawyers and academicians of repute.


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