How to Prepare for JEE-MAIN and Board Exams 2020 Consecutively

  • 04Sep,2019

    JEE Main and 12th board exams are conducted side by side. 2020 JEE Main exam is once held in January and other in April. 12th board is conducted in the march every year. So it is very important to make ways and efforts to tackle the two most important exams of a student’s life easily. If you are more focused on JEE Main then you should always remember that every college has a minimum cut-off list to go for higher studies. So make equal time and effort for both the exams.

    Juggling two exams at once is a difficult job. But in this case the only advantage is that both the exams have same syllabus. Here we have brought you few tips on how to prepare for JEE Main and the Boards simultaneously.

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    Plan Accordingly

    Before starting any preparation, set a goal in your mind. Here the goal is to excel in both board exam and the entrance exam. Go through the entire syllabus of both 12th and JEE Main. Set time limits to complete every chapter. Don’t over-compensate things by being practical in every step and not stressing too much. Strategize every outcome and make yourself a chart of every chapter covered and left of both exams.

    Be Clear on Concepts and Theories

    The Syllabus of 12th comprises both theory and practical. While the 12th board exam contains mostly theory, JEE Main contains mostly about applications of those concepts or objective. So don’t miss out any theory related subject, as it will help in both Board exam and JEE Main. As most of the syllabus consists of theory, being thorough in it will make your chances double in clearing JEE Main.

    Syllabus Completion

    Always make it your 1st priority to complete your entire syllabus in the given amount of time. Students tend to leave out chapters which are too difficult for them, which is a bad decision. The way is to start preparing early and making your fundamentals clear in each subject. The 12th board exam will have questions from possibly from all the chapters. Same goes for JEE Main. So it is very much advisable to try and complete the whole syllabus for better results.

    Analyzing the Exam Pattern

    Not only hard work is sufficient for succeeding in any field. You must be able to do smart work from time to time. Completing the entire syllabus will definitely fetch you good marks but you also need to understand the pattern of JEE Main exam. Understanding the exam pattern will give you a brief idea of what you are getting into and what to expect in the exam. JEE Main follows a specific pattern which you can understand, analyze, strategize, and utilize to your own advantage of how to track your time and prepare for the test.

    Practice Previous Year’s and Sample Papers

    One of the best ways to revise your syllabus is to practice question papers both sample and previous year’s. You can do it for both board exam and JEE Main. This will help in making your concept clear and boost your confidence. This will make you find your weakness and strength in terms of subjects on which you can work to fetch better marks.

    If your aim is set then studying for both JEE Main and board exams simultaneously will help you excel in both the exams rather than preparing for it separate. These tips will make you plan your academic calendar but in the end it’s up to you on how you execute it.

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