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  • 05Feb,2020

    CEED (Common Entrance Exam For Design) is an exam which is conducted by IIT Bombay for the students who want to pursue a career in design. The paper is divided into two parts; part A and part B. Total marks are 100, and it is divided between these two parts. Part A consists of multiple-choice questions that test various abilities of the candidates. The questions check your knowledge General Aptitude, General Awareness/Knowledge, Analytical Capabilities, and his imagination and drawing skills. Part B has two sections, which are Drawing Ability and Design Problem Solving. This part of the exam will test the drawing skill of the candidate. A candidate with good drawing skills can clear this exam without facing many problems.

    There is no specific book for this exam. The candidates were asked questions related to mechanical engineering in the previous year. Before appearing the exam, the candidates must have knowledge about current affairs and all aspects of designs. Since there is no specifically prescribed book by the institute, the candidate should follow some tips which might help in clearing this exam.

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    See The Previous Year papers

    Go through the previous year's papers, and it will help you figure out what types of questions you are going to face. Try to solve the question on your own then start your preparations accordingly.

    Improve your creativity skills

    Candidates should read a book related to interior design and also improve skills in visual communication. You can buy some books online, which will be useful if you want to score well in the exam.

    Improve Drawing skills

    Improving drawing skill is the most important thing if a candidate wants to clear this exam. The candidates must know how to imagine and draw a 3D model of the thing they want to present. You do not need to be too great still-life artist, but you should be able to convey through your sketches well.

    Work on your creativity

    Try to add a creative factor whenever you are writing answers in the examination hall. Think out of the box, and it will increase your chances of clearing the exam.

    Time Management

    Work on your time management skills and divide the times among the topics they are good at and the topics they are weak in. For example, if the candidate is good at drawing, then he should give his time to other topics.

    Read daily cartoon strip

    Sometimes questions are asked to represent a storyline and this will need your sketching skills as well as story-telling ability. So look at the cartoon strip and observe how they have told it, and why they have to draw things in the way they appear. Learn from it, and it would help you improve your skills.

    Paper Format

    CEED 2020 is a total mark of 100, and it is divided into two parts.
    PART-A: Multiple choices, it will test the candidates' general aptitude, GK, analytical ability
    PART-B: this part is divided into two sections one is to test drawing ability, and the other one is drawing solving problems. This part is the most time taking a section of the exam.

    Things To Know About

    1.You will be given only one paper to solve questions with a time duration of 3 hours.
    2.The question paper is in English
    3.The total marks will be 300
    4.The question paper consists of 3 sections.

    Section A: Numerical Answer Type (NAT)
    In this section, you will get 3 marks for the right answer, and there is no negative marking.

    Section B: Multiple Select Questions (MSQ)
    In this section, you will get 2 marks for the right answer, and there is no negative marking.

    Section C: Multiple Choice Question (MCQ)
    In this section, you will get 2 marks for the right answer and for the wrong answer you will lose 0.6 marks(-0.6)

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