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HRD Minister terms current NCERT Syllabus as ‘CRAMP’: Syllabus to be Reduced by Half

Published On : 07th Jun 2018 ,Thursday

Do 365 days of a year seem very less to cover your entire syllabus? Do you want to play, sing and dance but your study load doesn't allow you to do so?? Then there is a great news waiting for you!! To dance in joy, go through the full article...

The Union Human Resource Development (HRD) Ministry has decided to reduce the NCERT syllabus by half. On this context, Javadekar said that alongside studies, a child needs physical education, life skills and value-based education. But due to the heavy load of books and information, students have no time for physical education, value education and life skills.

While making the announcement on June 2, Javadekar had said the NCERT syllabus was so "cramped" that the government had decided to reduce it by half. At the event of the 10th foundation day of the Foundation for Restoration of National Values (FRNV) the minister said that before taking this decision, the HRD Ministry has received 37,000 suggestions from parents, teachers and educationists.

He praised FRNV's initiative to integrate value education in the school system in India and assured that the HRD Ministry will work with it as a "partner". FRNV founded in 2008 by E Sreedharan, is a non-political, non-profit and non-religious organisation aims at restoring national values and nurturing ethics and integrity in all walks of life.

On the occasion, Sreedharan said "Value education is the primary step needed by the country. Emphasis on it in government schools is not sufficient. If government schools start it, other schools will also be encouraged to do so”.