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Medicine and Healthcare

Health care  a part of medical science. Health care is one of the rapidly growing career sectors in India as well as all over the world. The act of taking preventative or necessary medical procedures to improve a person's well-being. It includes prescribing or providing various medicines, drugs and healthcare equipment to patients. This may be done with surgery, the administering of medicine, or other alterations in a person's lifestyle. These services are typically offered through a health care system made up maintaining a bank of blood, organs or any other tissue in the hospital.
This also includes hospital services and  they assist medical staff and doctors as per their needs, while treating and serving patients. Health care program mainly includes anesthesia technology, nursing, surgical technology, radiography and many more. 
Eligibility :
UG: 3 Years
For admission into bachelor’s degree program a candidate must have passed intermediate 10+2 in any subjects. 
PG: 2 Years
For admission into master’s degree program the candidate must have completed his/her bachelor’s degree in relevant subject.
Job Prospects :
There has been seen a remarkable growth in the hospital industry in India, has provoked anticipation about the competence of funds, justice, access to services and the accessibility of financial mechanism to maintain private healthcare. Which has lead to a great demand and popularity of the hospital management related courses.
A student can begin a career as pathologists, nurses or ward boys in hospitals, clinics and medical representatives.
A pathologist must have a degree of Diploma in Medical Laboratory Tech while medical representatives require any one of the pharmaceutical qualifications such as D. Pharmacy, B. Pharmacy or M. Pharmacy.
Package : 
Salary of a health care professional depends upon what area he/she is choosing, educational qualification and experience. On other hand one can expect a salary of Rs.10,000 to Rs.15,00 per month at the initial stage and as experience increases the salary also increases.