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Agricultural Engineering

Agricultural engineers are engineering professionals who develop and design new procedures, tools and systems for agricultural products and environments.Also,  in this field engineers may work to solve environmental issues pertaining to agriculture or they may specialize in bioprocess technology.India is one of the top agricultural countries in the globe.An agricultural sector plays a vital role in the economic growth of the country.
Not only production of fruits, vegetables and food grains is impacted by agriculture, the industries dependent on the agricultural sector for raw material are also affected.Agricultural engineers use engineering laws to all activities related to agriculture and horticulture.
The job of an agricultural engineer is to develop agricultural production by means of better engineering technologies, equipment, methods and inventions.
Eligibility :
UG: 4 years
For admission in a bachelor’s degree, the candidate must have passed the intermediate in science(10+2)  examination with science subject such as biology, math and chemistry. For IITs, It is mandatory to clears JEE - Advance. The duration for the course is 4 years.
PG: 2 years
For admission in a master’s degree, the candidate must have passed bachelor's degree in (B.E/B.Tech) or any other equivalent branches of engineering. 
Courses :
  • Diploma in Agricultural Engineering
  • Bachelor of Engineering in Agricultural Engineering    
  • Bachelor of Technology in Agricultural Engineering    
  • Master of Technology in Agricultural Engineering    
  • Master of Technology in Agricultural Process and Food Engineering    
  • Master of Technology in Farm Machinery and Power Engineering  
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Agri-Informatics    
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Rural Technology   
Specializations :
  • Crop Production
  • Dairy Management
  • Agricultural Economics
  • Post-Harvest Technology
  • Soil and Water Engineering
  • Poultry and Fish Processing
  • Agricultural Waste Management
  • Agricultural Machinery Design
  • Food Engineering / Process Control
  • Irrigation and Drainage Systems Engineering 
Job Prospects :
Agriculture is one of the top career choices made by students in India.  Agriculture in simple words, deals with study of plant breeding that is consumed by human beings. Agriculture has lot of scope in terms of career opportunities. With the commercialization of horticulture and agriculture there are wide-ranging opportunities for paid jobs as well as private enterprise. State Department of Agriculture employs agricultural engineers as agricultural officers for the improvement of agriculture in a district.
There are also private firms investing money in medicinal crops and plantation crops who normally hire agricultural engineers. Postgraduate students can work as supervisors, distributors and engineer; or they can also start his/her own business. Skilled professionals can opt for research activities. They can join IARI as junior fellow researcher and become agricultural scientists. Professionals in this career can also opt for teaching jobs in universities and colleges.
Some job profiles :
  • Scientist
  • Researcher
  • Farm Manager
  • Horticulturist
  • Head Green keeper
  • Project Directors
  • Project Coordinators
  • Product Design Engineer
  • Directors of Institutes 
Remuneration : 
Agricultural engineering is one of the lucrative field. The remuneration in government sectors for agricultural engineers is Rs. 15,000 - Rs 25,000 every month depending upon their positions. Graduates working in private sector can earn around Rs 25,000 - Rs 35,000 every month. They can earn more than what he/she earns in government sector. Those who are working with NGOs can earn handsome salary.  Besides those who opt to open their own farm can earn good returns depending upon the size of farm and crops grown.